Naval Postgraduate School Awards Contract to SkyIMD for its SkyFusion Pak System

November 13, 2012 — SkyIMD, the innovators in aerial imaging and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions, announces that it has been awarded a sole source contract by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) for its SkyFusion Pak 2000 aerial imaging system. The STC FAA-approved SkyFusion Pak 2000 system will be mounted on Cessna 172 aircraft and used to support NPS research projects.

“The SkyFusion Pak 2000 features robust software to obtain, process, record and stream video data,” said Tom Bleier, vice president of business development at SkyIMD. “This capability is critical to the NPS project.”

Small, lightweight and portable, SkyFusion Pak can be deployed quickly and installed easily in the field on multiple aerial platforms. SkyFusion Pak includes a self-contained pod with an application-specific sensors and motorized control that is ready to be mounted on wing struts or belly. The system is configured with Sony electro-optical E/O imagers and FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) sensors, to meet the needs of multiple and varied applications.

It also includes a touchscreen flight control laptop computer that is customized and pre-configured with comprehensive management and control software. Integrated mapping and automatic streaming video features can provide real-time actionable image data. SkyIMD also provided an Advanced Imaging System that integrates video processing and telemetry processing equipment.

Key features of the SkyFusion Pak 2000 include:

  • Lightweight (less than 18 pounds)
  • Typical installation completed in one day
  • STC FAA-approved
  • Real-time image and video streaming via satellite, microwave or 3G network
  • Automated analytics/reporting providing telemetry and geo-spatial data with 3D map overlays