February 10, 2016

About Us

SkyIMD designs and develops complete aerial imaging solutions for light planes and helicopters. Our systems have been deployed for use in the US, Honduras, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, France and Canada to assist with a multitude of imaging needs. Our aerial imaging platforms, cameras and turn-key solutions are approved for over 30 different aircraft and in over 55 different countries.

We continually test new cameras, sensors and technologies to integrate into our solutions.  We work with large corporations and individuals to create specific and multi-purpose solutions for their or their clients’ needs.

SkyIMD began developing solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) under a NASA grant in 2006.

Due to the payload limitations of publicly available UAV’s, and flight restrictions imposed on UAV’s in civillian airspace, we soon expanded our objectives to develop solutions that intersected UAV technologies and piloted aircraft.

We then set about learning about the industries and individuals that utilize aerial imaging data and the information they required from such systems. We engaged and listened to people who actually fly and capture the images and data, as well as the folks on the ground who have a compelling need for and consume the results.

The result is our aerial camera platform which was FAA STC-certified in 2009.  We’ve since added a larger model and various accessories based on our customer requests and their clients needs.

We continue to design and develop new platforms, and adapt new and existing technologies to them.  To learn about about the latest developments, contact us.