August 15, 2019

Aerial Surveillance & Monitoring Configurations

Skyimd News Cessna Enforcer Aerial Imaging Platform   Aerial camera platform for Cirrus SR22 and SR22T aircraft   Picture of UAV Factory's Epsilon 140z - FLIR & HD Video - on Cessna 182

Increase responsiveness, productivity, quality & safety while reducing costs, risks and training

SkyIMD’s Aerial Surveillance & Monitoring systems are advanced multi-camera, multi-sensor, and multi-purpose solutions. Each platform may contain up to three or four payloads and be configured to serve cross-functional purposes, enabling it to perform a wide variety of tasks and services both day and night.

Daylight Video OptionsASI Flying Along the Mississipi River with a SkyIMD Camera Platform

Night & Thermal – Infrared Video Options

  • Long Wave (LWIR) Infrared – FLIR
  • Medium Wave (MWIR) Infrared – FLIR
  • Short Wave (SWIR) Infrared

See SkyIMD Videos on YouTubeASI in Gonzales, LA controling the camera from inside the cabin

Optional Payloads

  • Laser illuminators
  • Rangefinder
  • Spotter camera

Optional Features

  • Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) or Electronic Stabilization
  • Payload stabilization
  • Video Processing Systems – scene steering and target tracking
  • Multiple target movement analysis
  • Secure air to ground streaming of images and data to desktop or mobile devices
  • Full control of camera from the ground while viewing images and data in real-time

Standard FeaturesSkyIMD's aerial camera platform on a Bell 429 Helicopter

  • In-cabin control via Software
  • Onboard GPS
  • Onboard inertial navigation system (INS) – no need for external IMU
  • Moving Maps with GPS Data, Elevation, Altitude and Range Data
  • Dynamic camera feed switching
  • Automatic path and points of interest tracking
  • Multiple input devices – touchscreen, stylus, joystick, keyboard and mouse

For detailed camera, device and payload specifications, contact us.

Border Security using SkyIMD's Skyfusion Pak power line inspection using SkyIMD's aerial camera solutions ship and tugboats on the mississippi river near ama louisiana

Border patrol, powerline & pipeline inspections, monitoring ship traffic, wildfire monitoring, law enforcement, solar panel inspections