June 20, 2018

Aerial Imaging & Data Acquisition Services

SkyIMD’s Aerial Imaging Expertise & Equipment, Now Available to Everyone!
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  • High Resolution (Sub 3cm/px),  High Precision, Metric & Calibrated Camera
    PhaseOne iXU-RS1000, Nikon D810 and Canon 5DSR cameras
  • Manned Aircraft Platforms
    Controlled airspace and large project experience.
  • We have and support an extensive selection of sensors and cameras
    SkyIMD Develops FAA Certified Aerial Camera & Sensor Mounts.
    We have Parts Manufacturing Approval – FAA PMA – almost any sensor or camera configuration that fits can fly!

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You provide the project, we provide the Planning, Planes, Pilots, and Equipment.

  • Medium Format & Full Frame Digital
  • GPS, Geo-referenced Data
  • FLIR – Thermal
  • Multi & Hyper-spectral
  • HD Video
  • Mid-wave infrared -MWIR
  • Short Wave Infrared – SWIR
  • Multiple & Custom Sensor Payloads
Test your new camera, sensor, software configurations with us!
UAS & Drone Operators
San Francisco Bay Area Airspace Map

Don’t let controlled airspace keep you from acquiring aerial images and data.

Sometimes manned aircraft makes sense

Why spend weeks acquiring images or data when it can be done in a few hours or days? Acquire data in controlled airspace, land the huge projects, we’re here to help.

Use your resources where they’re most effective – producing the deliverables.

Since 2008, SkyIMD has developed and configured aerial camera and sensor configurations for almost every manned aerial imaging and data acquisition market segment.

Some of our previous work:

Aerial Imaging & Data Acquisition Services, Consulting & Training –  Available Locally, Nationally & Internationally

+1 (510) 223-7500

Our aerial mounts are in use around the world, and STC certified by the FAA (U.S.), EASA (Europe), & ANAC (Brazil).

Phase One Applanix IMU in SkyIMD Mount

Phase One iXU-RS1000 with Applanix IMU in SkyIMD’s FAA Certified Strut Mount platform. High resolution and precision aerial mapping.

Vertical Image of Moss Beach, CA Power Plant - sub 3cm/px GSD

Moss Beach, California Power Plant. Sub 3cm/px GSD. Phase One iXU-RS1000 camera

Aerial Image of Oroville Dam, Oroville, Calfornia - Dam Overflow Damage 2017

Oroville Dam in California – orthomosaic – showing the damage after recent overflow from numerous rain storms. Imagery provided to USGS.

Aerial image Mapping Napa Fires 2017 - Mount St. Helena Phase One

Aerial mapping of the Northern California (Napa Valley) Fires using a Phase One 100 megapixel aerial camera. Mount St. Helena in the background.

Picture of a customer SWIR sensor in a SkyIMD Pod - Cessna 172

Custom SWIR & VIS Sensor in SkyIMD Pod, with dual swap-able SSD drives. Future proof your data sets, eliminate spectral limitations.

Photo of Corning HSI 410 Microshark Hyperspectral Sensor prior to mounting inside SkyIMD aerial camera platform

Corning’s Hyperspectral Sensor prior to mounting inside SkyIMD’s FAA Certified aerial camera and sensor platform. Agriculture, Minerals, and Undersea Health are just a few projects that this sensor is ideal for.

Picture of a Eurocopter AS350 (Helicopter) with SkyIMD mount with Phase One aerial camera inside.

SkyIMD was contacted to map highways in Nepal in 2017. We spent two weeks planning and flying the countries highways using a Phase One 100 megapixel aerial camera mounted inside our STC’d mount on a Eurocopter AS350.

An aerial picture of five alligators in a Bayou outside of Baton Rouge, LA - taken during an aerial mapping project

Large parcels of trees were planted to reforest an area outside Baton Rouge, LA. We were contacted to map the area at sub 2cm/px GSD – so that leaf structure could be viewed and analyzed. The red arrows point at five Alligators in this one picture. This is a project that may not be ideal for Drones/UAV’s

Picture of our In-Flight (Real Time) Quality Assurance - Showing Image Swath and Flight Paths

Overlap Assured!! SkyIMD evaluates flight paths and swath widths of every image taken during flight. We can review altitude and spatial resolution, and elect to re-fly a path immediately. We get it right the first time, no re-flights!

Picture of UAV Factory's Epsilon 140z - FLIR & HD Video - on Cessna 182

Multiple payload gimbal – FLIR and HD Video –  from UAVFactory mounted on a Cessna 182 for Aerial Law Enforcement demonstration – same payloads are used for pipeline, power line, rights of way patrols and for search and rescue efforts.