November 1, 2018

Online Flight Planner: Aerial Imaging, Mapping & Survey

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W 271.272   H 203.200    Diag. 40.68

Angle of View
W 33.05    H 25.06    Diag. 40.68
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Online Flight Planner

Welcome to our online flight planner.
It’s alpha, so there are bugs, and if you try to break it you may succeed.
See our Hints & Help page for more information.
  • select your sensor and lens focal length
  • custom focal length, shutter speed selection and motion blur calculation – oct. 2019
  • adjust altitude and ground speed
  • select forward and side overlap
  • results – trigger and distance interval, GSD – are calculated
  • other data points also shown

There are some limitations which we will improve on over time.

  • Only .KML Boundary (closed polygons) are supported at the moment.
    Import anything complicated and it will crash
  • Parcels larger than 50 square miles are not supported
  • Only .KML files are available to download. Use a conversion tool like GPSBabel to convert it to .GPX or another format
  • If you import an unclosed polygon, the app will inform you that it will be closed
  • If it hangs up or you get a memory warning, reload the page and try again
Aerial photogrammetrists, imaging, mapping and surveyors… Use our online flight planner to plan the flight paths and determine ground spatial distance (GSD) and camera trigger intervals (time and distance). Upload a .KML parcel boundary and see the flight paths calculated over the parcel. All settings are “live” – after entering or changing a setting you will see the results displayed on the map dynamically. See our Hints & Help page for more information.