March 17, 2016

Planning: Geospatial (GSD) Swath & Pixel Density Calculator

Geospatial Calculator (swath and pixel density)

Note: A more advanced calculator and flight planning feature is located here: 
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Enter the values for your aerial imaging project, then press the Calculate button to obtain values that will inform your flight plans.



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Common digital camera sensor sizes : sensor dimension chart
Popular Canon & Nikon sensor resolution and dimensions Canon & Nikon sensor chart
Or refer to your camera’s technical specifications to find the sensor resolution (pixels) and dimension (mm).
When imaging a large area, it’s a good idea to plan your altitude and flight paths in order to:

  • Capture the desired resolution needed
  • Make sure that you have enough overlap in your photos
  • Know your maximum ground speed so that you do not reduce the overlap percentage by flying too fast
  • Keep your aircraft straight and level
  • Have a Plan B – Check the weather for prevailing winds and map out two different headings. Once you’re on station, you can figure out which plan to use depending on the wind direction.