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Multi-Purpose and Highly Extensible

Day light, low light and infra-red video systems with auto-tracking, coverage and movement indicators and air to ground streaming and control. Ideal for law enforcement, search & rescue, and emergency response coordination. more…


Easily cover 50,000+ acres/day. Imaging and data that informs farmers to help maximize yield of crops, reduce costs and optimize water. Digital Elevation Models (DEM) to assist with flood planning or control. Analyze Foresty health. more…


Capture aerial photos and seamlessly combine them with GPS and map data. Ideal for analysis, artwork or use in GIS applications. Ideal for City planning, growth analysis, traffic studies, construction, residential and commercial real estate. more…


Complete multi-spectrum video systems with full pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Ideal for infrastructure inspection to inform maintenance and development. Cover multiple sites, long paths & large areas over challenging terrain — quick, safe, & cost effective. more…


SkyIMD, SkyFusion Pak & SkyDSLR Systems
A multi-purpose aerial imaging platform for light aircraft

No Camera Holes Required. Permanent or Temporary mounting options.

Approved for use in over 55 countries,
on over 30 models of aircraft.

Years of research and development, thousands of hours with pilots and their crews, listening to their clients needs, and flying in real world scenarios.

Ongoing R&D for new cameras, mounts, and custom applications.

Continually adapting and expanding to keep up with today's aerial imaging hardware and software technologies.

  • FAA Approved

    STC Federal Aviation Administration approved for fixed wing and helicopter platforms

  • Complete Turnkey System

    Camera pod, cameras, weatherproof cover and mounting hardware and cabling included

  • Extensive Camera Compatibility

    Same platform supports Digital Still Cameras (DSLR), Day & Night Video - HD, FLIR & SWIR (Infrared)

  • Air to Ground Image and Data Links

    View images, video, data and control cameras from up to 20 miles away

  • Experience & Support

    Since 2006, SkyIMD has used and improved its own solution to meet the needs of a variety of mission critical operations


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