Apple Park during construction

Aerial Mapping and Survey Examples (with zoom)

Check out some of our work using our aerial camera mount configured with digital cameras. Hog Island & Tomales Bay – Aerial Mosaic (with Zoom) Petaluma, California – Aerial Orthomosaic (with Zoom) Apple Park, Cupertino, Aerial Mosaic during construction (with Zoom) Oroville, CA Damn overflow aerial survey (with Zoom) UC Berkeley and surrounding neighborhoods –[…]

power line inspection using SkyIMD's aerial cameras

Pipeline, Powerline, Rights of Way

Quickly perform and record visual inspections of pipelines, powerlines, and rights of way over varied terrain. SkyIMD’s aerial camera solutions are used in all weather conditions, for miles and miles of paths in varied terrain.  Most of these needs and conditions would be prohibitive for a non-military drone. Power Line Inspections   Rights of Way[…]

jack london square, oakland, ca aerial picture

Photogrammetry & Aerial Photography

SkyIMD’s systems can capture and geo-encode vast areas in a short amount of time, allowing you to create digital elevation maps, analyze data or just capture amazing aerial photos or create aerial panoramas. Sample Images showing full image and sample zoom resolution.   Canon 5DS R with 85mm Zeiss lens        Canon 5D[…]

SkyIMD observed an oil spill clean up drill

Emergency Response Management

SkyIMD’s systems have been used in emergency response situations.  Our data communications solutions enable real-time secure streaming of images, video, and data to the ground.  Cameras may be controlled from the ground, turning a single piloted aircraft into a “human drone.” Oil Spill Coordination & Monitoring   Firefighting Observation and Management Screen captures from SkyIMD’s[…]

near infrared (NIR) photo taken by SkyIMD

Precision Agriculture

Maximize Yield, Better Forecasting, Manage Water 50,000+ acres/day 75% overlap 1 inch to 1 meter resolution Near Infrared (NIR), RGB Color, Thermal IR (LWIR), MultiSpectral Secure data and video real-time streaming to mobile devices 20, 80, or 400 MP (MegaPixel) cameras FAA approved STC worldwide