October 20, 2017

Napa & Sonoma Fire Imagery Map (Oct. 20,2017)

1,141 vertical photos taken October 20, 2017 If the map does not appear within 5 seconds, please refresh your browser window. You may need to refresh multiple times.

Zoom and pan around the map.

Each light blue circle represents a vertical image that we took – the width of the circle is the coverage swath of the image. Hover your mouse over the circle to find the filename, date and time the picture was taken. Time is UTC time. Subtract 7 hours for local time (PDT is UTC – 7 ).

Because we indicated an image, that does not necessary guarantee the ground is in view – there were clouds that may obscure all or parts of photos

If you have a request for an image that is in a circle, send us an email with your address and phone number. We’ll endeavor to respond as quickly as we can. michael@skyimd.com

If the map does not appear in 5 seconds and you are reading this text, please refresh this page. We are using Googles Free Map API and there may be some limitations. Keep refreshing the page until the map renders. Thanks for bearing with our technical limitations.