December 28, 2016

Apple Campus 2 | High Resolution Aerial Mosaic | Zoom

December 22, 2016 @ 3:00 p.m.
Explore Apple Campus 2 under construction! Zoom and pan using your mouse or touch features of your mobile device.
Click on the home icon to reset the view. Click on the X icon to go fullscreen.
  • Image dimensions: 34,111 pixels wide by 49,487 pixels tall (1.7 gigapixels)
  • Camera: Phase One iXU RS1000 (100MP) with Rodenstock 90mm lens
  • Aircraft: Cessna 172 @ 2,000 ft. altitude
  • GSD (ground sample distance): 3 cm/pixel
  • Area covered: approx 0.5 square mile
  • Time needed to acquire all imagery: approx. 30 minutes
  • Number of 100MP images used: approx. 380
  • Original Image Size: 4.76 gigabytes
  • Number of Deep Zoom tiles: 35,453
  • Sample JPG Image: 27MB, 3,500 x 5,408 pixels – download here

We used Adobe Photoshop CC2017 to create this mosaic of aerial images. There are some artifacts, a bit of distortion, and a few misalignments visible throughout the image.  Without taking time to nudge and poke and transform, the final “automatic” result ended up pretty good.


Want to learn more about our aerial camera platform or how this was done?
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